Waste Management

Waste management can be defined as all the activities that are requiried to manage waste from point of collecting the waste to the recycling and monitoring. Waste in waste management refers to unwanted or unusable material that is produced through the activity of humans and can have different forms. Waste can be liquid, solid, or gas with each having its disposal method and way of managing the waste. Besides the state of the matter, there are also different types of waste, such as household, biological, commercial and industrial waste. Some types of waste can form a threat to the environment and human health, such as radioactive and chemical waste. These types of waste are called hazardous waste. The aim of waste management is to reduce the dangerous effects of such waste on the environment and human health. A big part of waste management deals with municipal solid waste, which is created by industrial, commercial, and household activities. You can partner with Energazer to handle your waste and utilize it in most efficient way.